Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Denis Cyplenkov

I have decided to try an compile every piece of decent video about this new guy, Denis Cyplenkov. I find him interesting because he is one of if not the most imposing armwrestler I have ever seen!

Some new footage of Denis has surfaced and by new I mean really old. Here he is looking not nearly as huge being beaten by a guy at least 50 pounds lighter.

He doesn't pull any superstars in this tourney but he does go up against some very solid guys.

Here is Denis practicing with Alexy Voevoda. Alexy hasn't wrestled in a while but he is still one of the top guys in the world. (They disabled embedding for some reason so here is the LINK)

Here he is training with Alexy Voevoda again. This time lefty.(They disabled embedding again so here is the LINK.

The first video I found is of him right after he decided to try armwrestling.

This is him pulling what I believe to be the current #2 guy (left handed) in the world.

Here he is destrorying Alexey Semerenko. You may remember Semerenko as the guy who passed out after a match with John Brzenk.

As near as I can tell, this is all the footage available on youtube. If you can find some better stuff please let me know. You can contact me at or just leave a comment.

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